It’s been awhile since I blogged. I missed blogging so much.I was going through a very challenging time.I have been feeling very down and unmotivated. I was telling to myself, I will blog only when I am okay.

Then I realised, if I am sitting here like a victim and hoping that things will be alright and letting negative thoughts to control me, things will not change. I should get up and change my thoughts and take control of life.

I read this article by Robin Sharma on pain and I love what he shared.

Robin Sharma said : ” Open a journal, turn to a fresh white page and pour your pain or pour your confusion, pour your frustration out onto that page. It does something so powerful. It allows for a profound release of what you’re experiencing out onto the written page.

Here’s the key. If you repress and suppress your feelings of anger, of sadness, of disappointment, all of those lower energy feelings, if you keep them inside, they not only build up toxicity, and they build up resentment and frustration, but those are the very things that lead to inflammation that creates disease. 

Process the pain. Write it down and let it go. Don’t sleep with your pain inside you, release it.If you don’t feel like writing then talk to a good friend who understands you. You will feel better.

It’s normal to feel down, uninspired or sad, but we have choices. We can either let things control us or we control them. We can’t control situations, but we can control how we look at that situation. Let’s learn to look at things on different perspective.

Everything in life happens for a reason. If you are facing a problem, always remember the problem is there to make you stronger. If you think it’s a bad thing, it will only drain you and if you think the problem is there to help you grow, you will benefit from it.

The choice is yours.

Remember hard times are not forever. Let’s smile and let’s grow together.