Why ?

The reason behind why I wanted to do this is because I noticed that I am not
giving enough importance to myself. I am constantly watching what other people
are up to with their life but not mine.

When I am on social media, I am not even posting or creating anything most of the time. I am
just online to keep myself updated with another people’s life. I am looking at them
achieving their goals, creating content, being happy, as though I don’t have my life. Then
a thought came up to my mind,” Is my life less important than others? Do only
others have great things to share? do only others have interesting things to do in
their life?”

I realised that while I am watching, this person is achieving and doing something with their life. I am just sitting here watching other people achieving and I am using this precious human life that God-given to me to be a victim and not being brave enough to follow my own path.

Watching, admiring other people is fine, but when I am constantly watching and not
taking action for myself, then there is a problem.

Most of the time I am on social media with no intention. It’s important to know why we are on that platform. Sometimes I take out my phone to message a friend but I got distracted by a notification from Instagram and then I  look at the clock I would be on social media for one and half hour . I find this very unhealthy.

Another reason why I am constantly checking social feeds is because I have F.O.M.O (FearOf Missing Out).

The FOMO that I have is not missing out on what my friends are up to, but I am afraid that I will miss out the wisdom and updates the my inspiring pages that I follow and people that I admire.

This social media detox is to test my FOMO. It’s to test and to  reprogram
my mind to think that  it’s ok for not knowing things and its ok to be in JOMO(Joy Of Missing

Saw a beautiful rainbow outside my window. 😊

My experience with social media detox

During this detox, I feel that I have control over my circumstances. I feel that I have control over my mind and emotions better.

During the day I got triggered so many times. People around me made me feel upset and I was angry. Instead of avoiding the pain or feeling by blindly scrolling social media, I was sitting with the pain and with the
emotions. I was present with it. It made me realized so many things about myself.

I was so happy with the moment and got myself busy with other activities that in these two and half days I never had the thought of checking my social media at all.

I used the access time doing great things. I slept well. I read a great novel and lost myself in it.

I saw  a very beautiful rainbow outside my window which I never seen, I was present with my family and I was enjoying every moment fully. Honesty, I do feel less cluttered and my mind feels so free.

I feel so proud of myself; I feel so organized and feel a sense of control over
my life.I am not influenced by anyone on social media, I am truly being myself.

I am so grateful.

I am so glad that I decided to take this detox. This is a trial for me. Moving forward I will keep time limit on my social media usage.

I hope you try this as well !