• The feeling of lack makes me sad
  • Being sick or loved one being sick makes me sad
  • death makes me sad
  • being force to do something I don’t like makes me sad
  • disrespect and ignorance makes me sad
  • failure makes me sad
  • sad movies makes me sad
  • seeing poor or hungry child or elderly makes me sad
  • seeing someone cry makes me sad
  • Sadness makes me sad

Day 12~ Guilty Pleasures


I think my guilty pleasure is sleeping. On weekdays I have only about five to six hours of sleep (not enough sleep for me) and on weekends, when I am free I tend to wake up late, but I feel so bad. Sometimes I feel like I am sleeping too much. I will feel like I wasted my time.

I even feel bad to take naps when I feel tired at home. I don’t know why. I feel like I could do rather do something beneficial than napping. Even my mom will ask me to take a nap to freshen up my mind, but I will feel guilty if I do. Is it normal?


Day 11~ Heroes & Inspiration : Outside your family

Michael Jackson

I am a very big fan of him. He is one of the kindest human being I ever known. He has so much compassion and humanity. I don’t love only his songs and dance; I love him as a person. His humanity is the one touched me and inspired me a lot. He cares about the earth, he cares about children, he cares about people. He believed he could change the world and he did. He is always alive in all of our hearts.


Lilly Singh

I just started to follower her around 1 year ago and I am big fan of hers. She is just like us but she is achieving so much. I love her hustle and the hard work that she puts in achieving her goals. She really inspires me to work harder every day.


Robin Sharma

He is my favorite author and motivational speaker. I love his teachings. His books changed my thinking and my life. I was brave to chase my dreams because of him. His videos are very touching. He motivates me until I really feel the fire in my belly. He is such an inspiration.


Happy Birthday To Me

Happy 28th Birthday to me….Wow! I feel so old and I feel like I achieved nothing. Okay! Stop! Be grateful. Actually you know what, I gone through a lot of challenges and I think I am doing quite okay and should be so damn proud of myself. 🙂

I woke up at 7.30 am happily jumping off my bed. I went to the temple to get God’s blessings. I gave money to some beggars, gave smile to people I met. I was happy. It is a very NEW me.

I went to a shopping mall and treated myself a very decent adult breakfast 🙂 It can be considered as an expensive breakfast, it’s around RM 25.00. I was thinking, do I need to eat these expensive food? Come on, it’s your birthday and you deserve it and it’s only around RM25 and you gave RM20 to a poor man just now. That’s the thing about me you know, when it’s about giving people, I don’t hesitate, but when I know that I am going to spend it for myself, I think 10 times. I don’t know why….Hmm…Am I weird?

So that’s me there enjoying my toasted bread with scrambled egg and a cup of coffee, behaving myself and having some good time.

I went to a bookshop and bought myself a couple of books. I even asked the cashier to help me wrap it. She asked for what occasion and I replied” birthday”. In my heart I was wondering what she would think if she got to know that’s actually for myself…hahahaha….I saw her wrapping carefully and beautifully. My negative mind started talking again.Do you really need to waste people’s energy like this?…..Ok think positive Lashini,you deserve it.

I was really happy and thanking God for everything.

I reached my doorstep and realized that I forgot to bring my house key!!! I was so mad at myself for being so forgetful. I took a deep breath and called my sisters. They said it will take around one hour for them to reach home. Instead of being sad, regret or blaming myself. I counted my blessings. I went to a coffee shop nearby and had a glass of orange juice while waiting and calming myself.

I had a realization that we are 100% responsible of our own happiness. I used to think that people can ruin my happiness, people can make me upset just like that. No, I have a choice. I have the freedom to choose to be either to be happy or sad. If something upsets me, I can choose not to respond to it. (Wow, I felt like a very wise person suddenly).

I listened to all the songs that say “Birthday”,as this is the only day I can listen/sing to it and really mean it. 😊

My parents bought a very cute birthday cake for me. Everyone in my family bought presents for me, how blessed I am. I received clothes, books, bracelet, and a handbag.  I even got present from Lashini 😉 I opened my present act as tough I don’t know what is inside…Haha….(Learning to love myself) IMG_8279My Birthday Cake 🙂<<<<
eally grateful and I feel so blessed. Thank You God. I really had a very happy birthday 🙂

IMG_8313Birthday girl is happy 🙂<<<<

Day 9~ OTP

Seriously I don’t know what OTP means….as a person who works in a bank, the only OTP I know is One Time Password.

Okay…I googled…OTP stands for One True Pairing which means your favorite couple.

I like seeing Zac Efron and Venessa Hughes together. For real couple I like Indian Actor Suriya and Jyothika.