The 4 Interior Empire from the book “5am Club”

There are 4 interior empires introduced by the famous author Robin Sharma, that is your Mindset, Heartset, Healthset and Soulset. Let’s look into it in detail.

Mindset (Psychology) Change your thinking and change your life

Here we need to focus on our mind. Be aware of our thought, are they positive or negative? Are they uplifting or draining you? Spend time thinking positive thoughts and removing the negative ones.

Action to take :

Read positive quotes, read affirmations, watch positive videos, join master classes, read positive books, visualization.

Heartset 25% – Emotional Life – Clear your heart and forgive your past

Here you need to remove the negative emotions that you have towards yourself, life and others. You have to remove your anger, sadness, disappointment, resentment, fear. Make sure you have no any toxic feeling and there is no any negative charge coming from you.

Action to take :

Mediate, show love and compassion. Wish others well. Write your gratitude list. express gratitude towards others. You can do forgiveness exercise such as Hoponopono, love and compassion meditation, volunteer.Do things that make you feel good.

Healthset (25%) – Physicality – Everyday is dramatically better with some exercise

Health is wealth, you can’t achieve your dreams if you are not healthy. Exercising not only good for your physical heath but also good for your brain.When you exercise, your brain will be able to perform at its highest level, and you will have higher energy.

Action to take :

You may do H.I.T workout, yoga, or basic streaching, skipping, go for a run, jogging, jumping jacks. briskwalking.

You also must make sure you are eating food that are good for your body, eating almonds, raisins, drinking loads of water, taking vitamins and supplements.

Here you can also include your self-care routine, such as taking care of your body and face with moisturizing cream, scrubbing son on.

Soulset(25%) – Spirituality – Remembering who you truly are

Soulset is about discovering your soul’s highest purpose.Begin by being in solitude, stillness and be in silence. Spend time with yourself alone. This is your alone time.Here we need to find of what are our mighty mission. How can I help the world? Go deep within yourself.

Action to take :

Mediate, be clear of your mission statement, who you are, who you want to become. Discover your why. Here also includes, your connection with God, Spirit Guides, Angels, Guru. Including your spiritual practices.

Hope this sharing helps.

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