Day 13 : Comfort

To me comfort is being at home in my own space, wearing comfortable clothes and lying in my bed/sofa doing something I love. I might not have the most expensive things or a very big space but I am grateful that I have some comfort in my own home.



Day 12 : Your favourite Food


I am so grateful for chocolates.

God bless the people who created these!

downloadFerrero Rocher


165-dairy-milk-hazelnut-165g-cadbury-original-imaf6d9fvaaeqk2aCadbury Dairy Milk Hazelnut61rns2a7wcL._SL1200_Kinder Bueno

ferrero-canada-limited-nutella-go-52-g This is my recent favorite!


Do you like chocolates too?

Day 6 – Family/Friends

I am grateful for the people who love me.
I am grateful for the people who care about me genuinely.
I am grateful for every soul in this world that prays for me.

I am grateful for every soul that appreciates me.
I am grateful for those people who made me laugh, smile, helped me when I needed help.
I am grateful for my parents for their love…..I am forever grateful for them.
I am grateful for my family, my little home.

I am grateful for those who gave me food when I was super hungry.( They should go to heaven just for thisss…haha)


I am grateful for everyone who genuinely talked to me because they really wanted to talk to me.I am grateful for the few friends that see me as a priority than an option.I am genuinely grateful for this, because I know how it feels like when people see you as an option and only talk to you when they need something from you.
I am grateful that I was put into this situation, I am able to appreciate my true friends more and I don’t take them for granted.


“When something “negative” happens in our life,instead of saying, why is this happening to me, say what is it trying to teach me….Learn to be grateful even for the seemingly negative things in our life, life is trying to teach us something.