Faith isn’t hoping that God will help you, faith is knowing that the help is on the way.images (2).jpg

In this book Gabby shared with us the way on how we can be a Super Attractor and live the life we desire. Gabby talks a lot deeply on how to align ourselves with the Universe. I am sharing some importance points that I am taking away from this book.

Hope you enjoy!

We should wake up and align ourselves everyday with the Universe. Be happy and excited regardless of our circumstances. Be open and positive. Only when we are not worried or stressed, good things can flow to us. No matter your circumstance, there is a spiritual solution. Invisible doors open for us, creative opportunities can present themselves without effort.

“Forgive my past, I realized the future and I honour how I feel in the present. The moment you forgive your past, you clear shape for the present.”
To be a Super Attractor, we should always be happy and guide ourselves back to love. It can be very challenging. Thus, Gabby guides us to refer to the Emotional Guidance Scale by Abraham Hicks.

Emotional Guidance Scale


This is a very powerful guide that we can refer to. The higher you are on the scale, the higher your vibration is, and you will attract good circumstances. It’s very important for us to always check our emotions and feelings.

Here is a link to the guide on how to use the Emotional Guidance Scale

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Try your best to stay at the highest frequency so what you can stay aligned with the highest vibration and be a Super Attractor.

  1. Make feeling good your priority and everything else can flow. Feeling good is feeling God, because when we feel good, we remember the God within us.

  2. Have fun. Even when things aren’t working out the way you planned or when your manifestation haven’t arrived yet. Be happy. Have faith that what you want is on its way. Trust the process.

  3. Do what you love. Do things that you love. Make feeling good a priority, you owe it to yourself and those around you. Journaling, mediating, walking, dancing, yoga, drawing, do whatever is it that makes you happy. It’s not selfish, the more inspired you are, the more you can give to your family and friends, work place and community.

  4. Always remember that you are a soul. You are a soul that has a body. Shift form body identification to spirit identification. – I am not a body, I am free, this moment is enough. A soul is always joyful, bliss and full or knowledge.

  5. Never compare. Never ever compare yourself with others. Comparison is a  form of judgement and it weakens our attracting power. When you are envious of what someone else has, or even you see someone better than you, you lower your energetic vibration. You started to vibrate at low frequency. It’s not beneficial at all. There is no point being jealous and envious of others, instead focus on your own self growth.Whenever you see someone having the things that you want. Be happy for them. For instance, you are in the process of attracting your dream job. Whenever you see someone just got their dream job, be happy for them. It’s a sign from the Universe that what you want is on its way. It’s also a chance for you to decide whether to give it power or push is away. So, if you are getting jealous, sad, worry and being in a negative frequency, it will just block and delay the process for you. Be grateful.If it’s possible for them, it’s possible for us too.

  6. Protect your dreams and be connected to feeling good. Protect your dreams no matter what. Do not share your dreams unless is fully developed as it might distract your emotions when someone says otherwise. Example, you are trying to manifest your dream job. You want a job that  is fun, having supporting working colleagues, good boss etc. Protect it. You can share it, but  people might say things that can challenge your faith is your faith is not strong. Don’t give other people permission to put in their negative energy into your dreams. You can share your dreams to close friends and family, but you don’t have to reveal everything. Just say, I am in the process of attracting such…that’s it., the rest keep it to yourself.

  7. Take care of your emotions. Your emotions are direct indicator of how much you are resisting or allowing. When you are in emerge of joy. You are allowing yourself to be a Super Attractor. If you’re at low emotional scale you are emitting negative energy and creating experiences into your life that match that vibration.


“A moment of faith can change you forever.”


Gabby shared this Choose Again method. This is a very powerful method that can help us to realign ourselves back when we struggle with sadness, worry, fear or doubt. Whenever you notice you are not in alignment practice this method and return to love.

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3 Step Choose Again method

  1. Notice the thought how do I feel right now?
  2. Forgive yourself for being misalign and celebrate your desire to shift.  Thank you for revealing to me what I don’t want so that I can codify what I do want.
  3. Choose again. What is the best feeling thought I can find right now? Than you Universe for guiding me though toward good feeling emotions


“The universe always hears your prayers, but your energy must support those prayers in order for you to hear the guidance that the Universe then provides.”