There is a “monster” living in each one of us. That is our ego (false-self).

When I read this book, I just couldn’t believe how often my ego has controlled me.

When you feel stressed, it’s your ego

When you are feeling sad, it’s your ego.

When you think you are better than someone it’s your ego

When you think you are less than someone it’s your ego.

The “monster” within you is surviving with your unconscious self. The more unconscious you are it’s the stronger the “monster” become. The ego is afraid of your presence. It’s survival level depends on how unconscious you are.The moment it notices a slight negativity from you, it’s a chance for the ego to shine, it will try it’s best to take over your mind and you will never even notice.

The only way to stop your ego from controlling your mind is by being present.  Being present is when you are fully focused on your inner being and not being attached to your mind(thoughtless mind) that is when you are aligned with your true self. You only focus on the task you are doing and you are aware of your breath.

When you are present, you will be exposed to a light and this light stops the “monster”.

Whenever you are in a negative situation, you need to accept the moment as it is. For example, you hate changing the tyre of your car, but this is what you have to do now and you just focus on fixing your tyre and not feeling sad or wish that you are doing something else enjoyable. If you are not being friendly with the current situation, you are in negativity and you are not taking responsibility of your life.

If you are not in state of either acceptance, enjoyment or enthusiasm,you will find that you are creating suffering for yourself or others. If you can’t enjoy doing something , you can at least accept this is what you have to do.

Here is another example.  If you are having a headache and you say” oh I am having terrible headache, I hate it. I just hate it, I wish I can sleep. I wish I am lying on my bed now.” Notice, you are not in enthusiasm, you are not in excitement, and the only thing you can do now is accept, because only way you can heal yourself is by facing the pain.

When you accept the ishness and being present, you are in control. When you say things like” I am having terrible headache” and feeling like a victim, the monster is actually laughing happily, because you are not aware of your light within. You are not being present, you are resisting what is, you are releasing negativity and you are sending more pain to pain. When you send pain to pain it multiples.

So, next time when you are having a headache. First thing is to do is be aware. Accept that you are having a headache, then feel the pain in your head without labeling or judging the pain. Just feel the pain. When you are fully present and just feel the pain without negativity, without resistance, you are sending light to that pain. Slowly the pain disappears. The light within you is more powerful that your ego. Always remember that.

Constantly check yourself. Check how are you feeling. what thoughts are you thinking, see whether you are in alignment or has the ego has returned.

This ego is super smart, let’s show this ego that we are smarter 🙂


Thank you for reading. 🙂