My first ever overseas visit~

Recently  I had the opportunity to travel to Hatyai, Thailand. It’s my first ever overseas trip.  It was an incredible experience.

Love to share with you guys some of the pictures I captured.



                                           Visited some beautiful temples. 

                         Had an opportunity to release a couple of birds from their cage. 

                      At the Floating market. There were foods, foods and lots of food.


 The sky was really beautiful, so blue and couldn’t  take my eyes of . The view was so calming, I felt so alive.


There is a quote from Dalai Lama :” Once a year  go someplace you’ve never been before”.

I feel so blessed that I finally had the opportunity to travel to a new place.I  learned to look at the world differently. I learned to be alive. I learned to live the moment. The world is a beautiful place after all, I learned to see and feel it.


Thanks for visiting.