A Heart Touching Experience~

I was at the bus stop waiting for my bus. Suddenly, I saw a few people were there talking to a disabled man. He was a very poor disabled man, who looked very weak carrying a big heavy plastic bag.

I wanted to walk in front to buy some snacks. But I didn’t know why but my heart wanted me to stay. So I stood there, observing him. Few buses passed by but the driver didn’t stop as the bus was full. The group of people who tried to help him asked him to wait for the next bus. Before that poor man’s bus comes the group of people had to climb on to their buses.

Eventually, he was alone. No one was beside him. He was looking around to see if there is anyone else who could help him. About two minutes later, His bus came. He was not able to stop the bus. Without thinking, I quickly went in front and asked him if he needed to help.  He said a very weak “yes”.

I stopped the bus. As I was about to hold and guide him, he gave me his heavy bag. (Realised that he couldn’t walk with that heavy plastic). I helped him to carry this heavy bag and put on the bus.

When I was trying to put his things on the bus and the driver shouted at me asked me to quickly climb. I was very angry at his behaviour, with a fierce voice, I told him that there is a disabled man trying to climb.

I turned and saw that the poor man was still staying there, he didn’t move an inch. He could barely walk. I quickly ran to him, held him and walked him slowly to the bus. While we were walking, the bus was moving slowly. Both of us were terrified! Luckily few people tried to help to stop the bus.

When the driver saw that poor man,  his face totally changed. I guess he was embarrassed with himself. Once he climbed, I quickly went to a side and disappeared myself hoping no one sees on what just happened.

I was there standing. I felt a feeling that I never felt in a long time. That moment I didn’t know why but I had a very very pleasant feeling that I don’t usually feel. I felt as though I become a human again. I couldn’t describe the feeling but it felt really divine.

I was there asking myself, how come that moment I become so powerful. How come suddenly I became so fearless. How come suddenly I  become brave? Where did the shy me go?

Suddenly I remembered these words: “We are just a servant of God”.  With a grateful heart, I looked at the sky and said: “Thank You”.






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If you were given a chance to choose between being a giver or taker, rush to the side of the giver and you will discover if you do , the person upstairs will always take care of you.