Day 16- Health

Robin Sharma said :”Health is the crown on the well person’s head that only the sick person can see”

I really do see the “crown” whenever I am sick. Sometimes, I forget to be grateful until I feel some pain in my body , then I realise that I forgot to be grateful. I am learning to be grateful for my health every single day.  Health is wealth. Health is wealth. Health is wealth.

Reminder to myself :  ” The gift of health is keeping me alive”.


Day 5- Energy

When comes to people, I appreciate people who gives me 10 minutes of their time with 100% energy than someone who gives me an hour of their time with 20% energy.

I am grateful for the people who give me their full attention when I speak. When someone talks to me genuinely from their heart.When people do  something with 100% energy.I love that energy a lot, its quality energy.It’s a very different way of looking at energy, and I like it a lot.

I am learning to choose quality time over quantity time.Learning to appreciate moments, seconds, minutes. Learning to say that I had a great moment than saying I had a great day. It allows me to go deeper and  appreciate even little things and I am grateful for that.

DAY 30~10 Things you are grateful for this month

  1. I am alive
  2. I am healthy again (Just recovered from sick)
  3. Got an award from company
  4. Finished reading 2 books
  5. I am blogging more
  6. I have 43 followers on my blog
  7. I am learning everyday
  8. I am learning to be more present and positive
  9. Christmas is coming
  10. I am still in year 2017


Wow can you believe it? I completed by 30 day blog challenge…..YAHOO!!!  Thank you so much to those who took their precious time to read my articles….Thank you so much. ❤️❤️❤️

Day 29~Day in the life of….detailed account of a typical day

1) Alarm rings…..Wake up!!!

2) Bathe

3) Coffee

4) Off to work

5) Breakfast

6) Work Work Work….click mouse….click mouse…click click click

7) Lunch

8) Click click click mouse again and again

9) Log off laptop

10) Go Home

11) Dinner

12) Read a book/blog or do nothing

13) Sleep

And my typical day repeats…..

How I wish my life could be more interesting but…..I am still grateful 😊 as there are people who are struggling to even get up. I should be grateful that I could wake up and go to work.


Self Note :

“If you are grateful for what you have, you will be given more, if you are not grateful, even what you have will be taken away form you.”

Day 28~ What is in my bag

Which bag should I talk about? Okay! I will tell what is in my office handbag.

Things that I have in my handbag are:

1) My purse

2) My handphone

3) A tiny mirror

4) A comb

5) A hairband

6) A lipgloss

7) A small Scissors (Whenever someone asks me if I have scissors and when I take it out from my bag and the usual question they ask is “Why do you even have a scissors in your bag?”) 😌

8) An Umbrella -Really important, you won’t know when it’s gonna rain here.

9) My House key

10) A safety pin

11) Office Name Tag

12) Tissue

11) Just random coins everywhere in my bag ( When people ask for a change and I will just put my hand into my magic handbag and pull out coins)😂 😂😂

Wow! I am blogging while I am in train on the way home after work. I feel so proud. I didn’t waste my time. 😊

Almost reached my destination and I posted!❤️

Day 27~An open letter (someone or thing in your present or future)

Dear Now,

Thank you for your blessings.

Thank you for your love.

Thank you for your precious life lessons.

Thank you for the fresh air.

Thank you for the peace.

Thank you for the food on my table.

Thank you for the clean water.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be with my love ones.

Thank you for the good night sleeps.

Thank you for helping me to grow everyday.

Thank you for giving me this moment to write this.

Thank you for letting me to breathe at this moment.

~God, Please bless everyone who is reading this right now.