You asked

You prayed

You wished


Why are you still worrying?

Why are you still doubting?

Why are you still sad?

You released

You surrendered







Have faith

Everything is taken care

The person up there listened

You just have to believe.


1.  One of the first principles to honour in your relationship with yourself is to respect and trust your own inner voice.

2. Gratitude is a prayer. Getting in gratitude softens the heart, opens the mind, causing even ordinary things to be sacred.

3. It’s a profound practice to offer forgiveness each night before you go to sleep so that you don’t carry resentments into the freshness of the next new day. And it includes self-forgiveness.

4. Affirmation assists us in removing subconscious blockages that would hinder fulfilment of our affirmative declarations. Affirmation statements active the power within us to draw into our magnetic field that which we claim and affirm for ourselves.

5. Taking each day to disconnect to the outer world and connect to our interiority through meditation and other spiritual practices brings us to a place where we can give a surrendered “yes” to life. This “yes” softens the heart and allows peace and trust to prevail.

6. There is no race to finish line, we all evolve according to our on the unique pattern of unfoldment.

7. Visioning isn’t visualization. Visualization utilizes the power of imagination, visioning utilizes the power of intuition. Visualization is a doing process activated by the imagination. Visioning is a knowing and being process arrived by an inner, direct, intuitive realization.

8. You have taken an incarnation to awaken the enlighted expression of who you are and, while you are gracing the planet, to deliver your talents, gifts and skills as your unique contribution to the world.

9. Practice deep listening. Deep listening involves reverent alertness, being wholeheartedly present, whether is be listening to another person or to the inner Self.

10. Happiness does not have to be created; it’s our true nature.


This is a beautiful analogy from The Bhagavad Gita.

There are two birds on the same tree, one bird is pre-occupied for the fruits, leaves and the branches of the tree. The other bird is just sitting there, watching and waiting for the bird to turn around and connect.

The soul and the Supersoul are two friendly birds. The eating bird is our Individual soul and the other bird is the Supersoul. One of the birds (the individual atomic soul) is eating and enjoying the fruit of the tree, and the other bird (Lord/Divine) is simply watching His friend. Lord is the witnessing bird, and our soul is the eating bird. The soul is struggling very hard on the tree of the material body, but as soon as he agrees to accept the other bird as the supreme spiritual master—the subordinate bird immediately becomes free from all lamentations.

The eating bird is fully engrossed with anxiety and moroseness as the enjoyer of the fruits of the tree. But if in some way or other he turns his face to his friend who is the Lord and knows His glories — at once the suffering bird becomes free from all anxieties.”

2 birds

In life, we are too busy being busy until we forget to realise who we really are.

 We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

We are pure consciousness. We are parcels of God. We are here on earth for a reason, and our duty is finding out what our purpose is. As we grow older, we become too busy. We are waking up every day doing things that mean nothing to our soul. We are chasing after material things, money, recognition, fame. We are feeling fearful, worried, sad and depressed. We are fighting and struggling every day as though we have no power within us.


We are so much more than this body. We are limitless. We have the power and capability to go beyond our body. We are the energy, we have the power within and we can heal ourselves and we can change our lives.

The moment we start to think and notice that we are the soul. We are free. Nothing can break our soul. No one can hurt our soul. Our soul doesn’t feel sad, depressed or anxious.


The Universe is there waiting for us to listen. The Universe is there ready to guide us. We just have to clear our chattering mind and listen. Are you ready to listen?

Randam Thoughts~Be present

So I was sitting there worrying.

Worrying about my future

Regretting about my past

feeling upset

of what will come about.

Allowing my mind to repeat its negative thoughts

Behaving like a victim and

letting the negative thoughts to takeover me

as thought I have no control over my mind

as though I have no power within me.


Suddenly  I realised,

I just woke up from a bed

I have roof on my head

and food on my table.

Oh God! How ungrateful I am…..

I was worrying too much  until I forgot

to look at the present and be thankful for it.

The future is not here yet,

the past has gone.

I only have NOW.

I can choose to be present

I can choose to live the moment

I can choose to be alive.

I can choose to breathe


Thank the Lord for this moment

and let the Lord pour his blessings on to me.




Beginner’s Guide to Meditation

Hello Guys. I’m sure you heard about mediation before. Interested but not sure where to start? I would like to share a bit about meditation based on my knowledge and experience.

Before I go ahead, here are some of the benefits of meditation:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Lower heart rate
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Reduces stress.
  • It improves concentration
  • It encourages a healthy lifestyle
  • The practice increases self-awareness
  • It increases happiness
  • Meditation increases acceptance
  • Can Generate Kindness

So let’s get started, here are the tips:

  1. Start small – Start by practising for two minutes for first two days then day by day increase it to five minutes, fifteen minutes then twenty minutes. Grow slowly. Take one step ahead.
  2. Choose the type of meditation that suits you. You may choose guided meditation or unguided meditation. In guided meditation, the teacher usually will guide you on what to do, think and feel. In unguided meditation, you will be listening to calming and relaxing music. Go and search for mediation videos/ audios online( There is a lot of videos on Youtube) or you can even download meditation apps such as Calm, Headspace, Omvana)meditation-music
  3. Find a comfortable position. You may sit on your bed with legs crossed or on a chair with your legs firmly on the ground. Make sure you are sitting still with your back straight.
  4. Find time – Morning is the best time to meditate. Do it first thing in the morning just after you wake up. There is when you brain is in Alpha stage, you will be able to concentrate better at this time. If you are not able to do it in the morning, don’t worry…try to find two to five minutes on your day to practice it. During your day, be present, take a moment to just bring back your focus on your breath. You may do it while you are on the train or bus, during lunch break or in the evening after you are back
  5. Commit– Commitment is really important. Keep on trying. Sometimes you might feel lazy or think ” it’s too hard!”. Don’t quit. “All things are hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end”  Even when you feel like you are not doing it right, its okay, just keep on going, even if you are able to concentrate for two to five minutes, it’s still an achievement. Remember, you don’t have to be perfect.
  6. Jornal – Write down your experiences. Analyze yourself, be aware and see if you can see any difference in yourself. Observe on how you feel and behave, then write it down so you can remember it and surely you will get a motivation to practice meditation more. ( you are surely gonna like it)maxresdefault

Good Luck!

So that’s it. Small tips for me. Hope you like it. 🙂

Tried meditation before? Do share me your thoughts.

See you soon  🙂

Random Thoughts – Pain


It’s been awhile since I blogged. I missed blogging so much.I was going through a very challenging time.I have been feeling very down and unmotivated. I was telling to myself, I will blog only when I am okay.

Then I realised, if I am sitting here like a victim and hoping that things will be alright and letting negative thoughts to control me, things will not change. I should get up and change my thoughts and take control of life.

I read this article by Robin Sharma on pain and I love what he shared.

Robin Sharma said : ” Open a journal, turn to a fresh white page and pour your pain or pour your confusion, pour your frustration out onto that page. It does something so powerful. It allows for a profound release of what you’re experiencing out onto the written page.

Here’s the key. If you repress and suppress your feelings of anger, of sadness, of disappointment, all of those lower energy feelings, if you keep them inside, they not only build up toxicity, and they build up resentment and frustration, but those are the very things that lead to inflammation that creates disease. 

Process the pain. Write it down and let it go. Don’t sleep with your pain inside you, release it.If you don’t feel like writing then talk to a good friend who understands you. You will feel better.

It’s normal to feel down, uninspired or sad, but we have choices. We can either let things control us or we control them. We can’t control situations, but we can control how we look at that situation. Let’s learn to look at things on different perspective.

Everything in life happens for a reason. If you are facing a problem, always remember the problem is there to make you stronger. If you think it’s a bad thing, it will only drain you and if you think the problem is there to help you grow, you will benefit from it.

The choice is yours.

Remember hard times are not forever. Let’s smile and let’s grow together.







~~~100 followers on my Blog ~~~❤️🧡💜🧡💚💙💛

On 25th March I woke up to this wonderful notification! I achieved 100 followers on my blog. I am sooo happy 🙂 Yeeeeeaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

I don’t know how to express my gratitude to all my followers. I am so grateful for all the 103 souls who clicked FOLLOW on my page. Your one click gave me courage, strength and motivation to keep on going. Thank you to those who took their precious time to read, like and comment, you guys are the best.

Last year I made a decision to focus on my blog, but I was feeling stuck and I had no clue on how to get people to read my contents. I spent so much time writing but I received no likes or comments.

I remember one day I was sitting sadly wondering why I have no followers, why no one wants to follow my blog. I remember talking loudly in front of the window. “Universe, please give me at least 1 follower, please I beg you, at least one.”

One day everything changed. I came across to this angel Keshie:   I got inspiration from her 30-day blog challenge. She was also the first person who liked and commented on my posts. Since then I really started blogging seriously.

Slowly I got 5, 10, 15 followers and every time I see a notification on my WordPress, I jump with joy like a crazy person. 🙂


On the day I had 20 followers I was happily telling my sister and she said that she actually prayed for me that day to have followers. I guess she overheard me asking for followers. I was touched.

I am so grateful to be able to meet a lot of like-minded people here. Everyone here is so creative and talented. What a great place this is!

Thank You guys, thank you again.

Thank you so much for reading!

May God bless you all

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

With Love, Lashini  ❤