Day 24- Kindness

Kindness. Such a big topic and there is so much to be grateful for. Let me share one of the recent random of kindness that I experienced from a stranger.

Few months back. It was raining. I got down from a bus and I was standing under a tree, impatiently searching for my umbrella in my bag and all of a sudden I heard a soft voice asking me ” Do you have an umbrella? Want to share with me?” I was so touched smiled and said it’s ok to her and continued searching . When I turned back, she was still standing there waiting for me until I find my umbrella.

I was having a super clumsy, tiring day and my mind was cluttered with thoughts and worries and her approach that moment really touched me.

Then I realised that even a small tiny piece of kindness really does make a lot of difference. It doesn’t have to be material things, just a compassion, a little concern on someone can make a lot of differentce.It really changed my mood and I was feeling so much lighter that day.

Never underestimate the power of kindness.


Day 23- Something that you see everyday

One thing that I am always grateful to see everyday is the nature. I love admiring the skies, trees , flying birds.Whenever I feel stressed or down, I will try to calm myself by staring at the sky.  Nature does have the natural healing energies that can change our mood.


“When I have difficulty suffering all the fools in this world, when I feel that my ego is showing too much, I sometimes wander outside in the late evening and stare up at the sky in silence. I turn slowly around so that I can see all those billions of stars, all those millions of galaxies, the scale of them all… and I think to myself just how unimportant they all are.” – Chris Moore 


It’s ok

It’s ok if they don’t like you

It’s ok if they don’t believe in you

It’s ok if they don’t care about you

It’s ok if no one listens to you

It’s ok if no one claps for your achievements

It’s ok if no one appreciates you

It’s ok if no one understands you

It’s ok if no one is there for you when you are sad

It’s ok if no one is there to tell you that it’s ok.

It’s ok….

You…believe in yourself

You try to understand yourself

You talk to yourself

You listen to yourself

You pat your back yourself

You clap for yourself

You hug yourself

You carry yourself back up

Because you are your only best friend.

The only person who will be there with you for the rest of your life is you!

Love yourself, respect yourself, be kind to yourself.

It’s ok if they think you are weird.

Self love is no selfish.

Self love will save your soul.

Self love first.

With Love,



Day 16- Health

Robin Sharma said :”Health is the crown on the well person’s head that only the sick person can see”

I really do see the “crown” whenever I am sick. Sometimes, I forget to be grateful until I feel some pain in my body , then I realise that I forgot to be grateful. I am learning to be grateful for my health every single day.  Health is wealth. Health is wealth. Health is wealth.

Reminder to myself :  ” The gift of health is keeping me alive”.