Kindness. Such a big topic and there is so much to be grateful for. Let me share one of the recent random of kindness that I experienced from a stranger.

Few months back. It was raining. I got down from a bus and I was standing under a tree, impatiently searching for my umbrella in my bag and all of a sudden I heard a soft voice asking me ” Do you have an umbrella? Want to share with me?” I was so touched smiled and said it’s ok to her and continued searching . When I turned back, she was still standing there waiting for me until I find my umbrella.

I was having a super clumsy, tiring day and my mind was cluttered with thoughts and worries and her approach that moment really touched me.

Then I realised that even a small tiny piece of kindness really does make a lot of difference. It doesn’t have to be material things, just a compassion, a little concern on someone can make a lot of differentce.It really changed my mood and I was feeling so much lighter that day.

Never underestimate the power of kindness.