Finally, I am sitting here in front of a blank page after procrastinating for a really long time. It’s been a while since I really blogged from my heart.

My negative mind and my positive mind been having a very big battle. The positive mind always reminds me to update my blog, but the negative mind wins all the time. It tells me things like…do it tomorrow, do it when you are really free, I don’t know what to write, I have no content to post and so on.

I have been finding and losing myself for the past few months, fighting with my victim mind, emotions and my health. I told myself that I will blog like every week, but I didn’t do it. I kind of failed in achieving my blogging goals. But you know what, I am getting back up and I am not going to allow my negative toxic mind to control me.

So here I am, successfully conquered my negative mind and typing this right now at 12.46am after a long tiring day.

Mind- I CONTROL YOU.  You listen to me. I am done with you stopping me to do things that I want to do. 

Been checking back on my WHYs in starting this blog.Hope to slowly gain back my motivation in blogging and be consistent in it.

Sorry blog. I am back…stronger.

See you soon.