1.  One of the first principles to honour in your relationship with yourself is to respect and trust your own inner voice.

2. Gratitude is a prayer. Getting in gratitude softens the heart, opens the mind, causing even ordinary things to be sacred.

3. It’s a profound practice to offer forgiveness each night before you go to sleep so that you don’t carry resentments into the freshness of the next new day. And it includes self-forgiveness.

4. Affirmation assists us in removing subconscious blockages that would hinder fulfilment of our affirmative declarations. Affirmation statements active the power within us to draw into our magnetic field that which we claim and affirm for ourselves.

5. Taking each day to disconnect to the outer world and connect to our interiority through meditation and other spiritual practices brings us to a place where we can give a surrendered “yes” to life. This “yes” softens the heart and allows peace and trust to prevail.

6. There is no race to finish line, we all evolve according to our on the unique pattern of unfoldment.

7. Visioning isn’t visualization. Visualization utilizes the power of imagination, visioning utilizes the power of intuition. Visualization is a doing process activated by the imagination. Visioning is a knowing and being process arrived by an inner, direct, intuitive realization.

8. You have taken an incarnation to awaken the enlighted expression of who you are and, while you are gracing the planet, to deliver your talents, gifts and skills as your unique contribution to the world.

9. Practice deep listening. Deep listening involves reverent alertness, being wholeheartedly present, whether is be listening to another person or to the inner Self.

10. Happiness does not have to be created; it’s our true nature.