I Won an iPhone 6 plus!
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I hope my story will be an inspiration to the readers out there.It was my company’s annual dinner; there was a lucky draw contest. This
time I didn’t know why, but my instincts saying that I might just win tonight;
I just had a very weird feeling inside me. I was kind of ready to go up to the
stage. As I was sitting; suddenly I looked at my phone, saying to myself that I
need to change a new phone this year. I was using Samsung Galaxy S III MINI. My
phone memory was full and was giving me a lot of problems. 
It was the second round of the lucky draw. They called a number, but the
person was not around, Then, then they choose another ticket and the DJ said
it’s a girl and the number starts with 11 . My heart pounded like crazy, then
he read out 1151.I was like OMG, are you serious it’s my number. Then he called
out again 1151, Lashini. I quickly walk in the red carpet towards the stage,
photographers were taking pictures of me, I was in shock, I didn’t know if I
was dreaming or it was really happening. 
As I walked though the stage and the DJ said, she just won herself an
iPHONE 6 Plus.WOW!! The secret was the only thing that was running in my mind
then. Wow the LAW OF ATTRACTION really works. I came downstairs in shock, I was
on cloud nine, and I was floating in the sky. All my colleagues and bosses
congratulated me. Everyone said I am a very lucky girl, I still didn’t believe
it’s really been happening. I felt so happy. I never won any lucky draw before
in my life and I never had this kind of miracle happened to be before.I realised. There were around 2000 staff
attended, only 10 prizes different prizes were given away. They were so many
prizes there, how come I got an iPhone?The thing that I most wanted and needed at the moment.
Then I remembered, one of the teachers MIKE
DOOLEY from the secret movie said, the universe knows the shortest, fastest,
the quickest and the most harmonious way between you and your dreams. Actually,
I won this not because of luck, it’s because I wanted it, the universe just
delivered what I asked for. I began to think back, this is what I did: 
1) ASK – I asked for it. I wrote to get an iPhone in my new years’
resolutions. Even I found it very expensive (there is nothing too big for the
2) Believe – I believed that the universe is responding to me. Every
time I see people with iPhones, I said Thank You.
3) Visualization. – I kept a Brochure of an iPhone in my vision box. I
imagined myself holding an iPhone, looking through those messages that are coming
This is how I actually attracted my iPhone 6 Plus. I knew that I will
get an iPhone one day, but I didn’t know I will get it this fast. I am a happy
girl. Thank You UNIVERSE. Thank you for everything. ASK, BELIEVE, AND RECEIVE.
It really works. GRATITUDE is the key.